Build Your Business Online

Build Your Business Online

Build Your Business Online – Some Daily Basics

When you begin to build your business online, you really need to incorporate certain daily basics into your day so you will see improvements on a consistent basis.

Daily activity is key!

1.  You want to build your business presence online.

Select two or at most three social networks that you want to use each day on a regular basis. It seems that almost weekly there is a new “Social Network” that you can join and be a part of. It’s OK to check them out – but you really need to focus on two – maybe three Social Networks and build your business presence there consistently.

Today, Facebook is almost a given – you have your personal profile and you can create a Facebook Page as well. I highly encourage you to create a Page for your business. There is no bigger turn-off on Facebook than having business posts all over your personal profile consistently – morning, noon and night. That’s what a Facebook Page is for and even then you should mix it up a bit and post interesting things that don’t revolve around your business. Once you have Facebook up and running – select another social network to work with – if you have a visual product – Pinterest, You Tube if you enjoy creating videos or you want to learn to create effective videos, Google+ as it continues to grow at a steady pace as well.

2.  Start a blog – I recommend starting one with your own hosting.  DreamHost.

This is a must-have item to begin strong and to build your online business.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, you just need to have daily activity to get your business in front of people on a daily basis.

Write in your blog everyday!  It doesn’t have to be an in-depth post, it can be as easy as something funny you found on the net.  500-700 words is best.

People will start to respond to your posts both on Facebook and your Blog.


3. RESPOND to them, this will help you build your business online in a natural way.  People will get to know you, trust you and want to know more about you as time goes on.

Get to know the people who are interacting with you.  Relationships can build from there – if you aren’t interacting – you aren’t building relationships, which is what building an online business is all about.

4. Read positive uplifting things daily.

You need to have a positive mindset as you build your business online.  Some people will take off right out of the gate, others find slower success.  It doesn’t matter which you turn out to be – all that matters is that you keep your heart and mind moving towards a positive frame of mind.  Your attitude really can make or break you.

Finally – probably the most importantly thing is this:

5.  NEVER stop learning.

Find a mentor.  Someone that speaks to you.  Learn how to build your business online from them.  Read, listen or watch something they have taught daily.  Don’t be afraid to listen to lessons several times.  I find I often pick up on things I missed the first time or two.  Their knowledge will help you build your business online.

These are just a few things you must do to keep moving forward to build your business online.  The more you do these things the more natural they will become to you – just don’t give up.  Too many people get started with something and then they don’t get the results they want just as they are beginning to build their business online.

Make a commitment today that to build your business online, you will work towards developing these strategies – making them fit your lifestyle effortlessly.

Are you looking for a blog, a mentor, daily training to build your business online? – Work with me - we have an amazing team of people here!

Create Success Daily,


It’s that time of year in direct sales.

What time is that you ask?

It’s Summer Convention Time! – almost ALL the companies I have ever read about offer a big Summer Convention.

Convention is where everyone comes together – home office, new consultants, seasoned consultants and the leaders of the company and you focus in on your business for two or three jam-packed days. You learn new ideas for building your business, filling your calendar, or building a team. You learn about how best to market all your products and usually a new product will debut at the event which is always so exciting and fun to learn about. I myself am prepping to attend ours at the end of July. :)

Here is a small idea of what a Convention is like:

I will tell you honestly, I will NEVER miss a convention if I can help it. Convention can turn someones business around. I’ve watched it happen. I’ve seen lives be completely changed by the time they come back to convention the next year. When you have a bad day – and we all do at some point – you think back to convention. You remember all the people you met and that work with you to create success in your business and you know that bad day will pass! Convention gives you the big picture about what you are doing. Especially if you are like me and you are in a somewhat remote area – there are days you start to feel like an island! Convention shows you that you definitely have the support of all those people that are working to build the same thing that you are. Bottom line – if you are serious about building a business – YOU NEED TO ATTEND CONVENTION.

I know we all have stuff going on in our lives – but make the time – somehow, someway, and get yourself to your company event. I can guarantee you will come home with something new and exciting to incorporate into your business. Invest in yourself by investing in convention! The ideas you will hear to build your business – will be well worth the investment. Dreams are created at Convention – why would you choose to miss that? You ARE worth the investment. If you are serious about building your business I would go so far as to say this is a required expense. As women, we can always find away, or make a way if we want something bad enough. If you are new to direct sales, you don’t yet understand the power of convention – take my word on this. I have been in direct sales for over 20 years now – convention is a very small investment in your business. You may be asking how can I afford to go to convention? My question to you is this… How can you afford not to?

Anyone have any inspiring convention stories?

If so – please share with us! :-) Have a great day – and I hope I see YOU at our convention!

Is it Time for a Change?

November 3rd, 2009 | Posted by Kiki Vogel in Business Success - (0 Comments)

time for a change

Is it Time for a Change?

No, no, I am not talking campaign promises – Thank God!

I have learned to never say never in this life. There used to be things I would say, “I would never “fill in the blank”, I will always, “fill in the blank”. I would be very definitive in my thoughts and opinions.

Over the last few years I have learned the hard way that you can’t say “always” nor can you say “never” because when you do – it’s usually when you will be proven wrong. We can’t control others and we can’t control all the things around us. We can live our lives to the best of our abilities. We can and should always try to stay true to who we are in our hearts. However I have learned there are times when you will have to just learn to go with the flow. Whether you want to or not.

Life is moving you into a new direction; it can either be a struggle or you can work through it and accept that change is inevitable. I choose to work through those times and I usually appreciate the lesson once I get through to the other side of the process. There are things in my life that I thought were untouchable. Things that would be there forever. Nope, I was wrong! Looking back now, I am glad I was wrong and that change occurred anyway. Sometimes though, when the changes first occured I felt like I had been knocked for a loop.

I have learned to expect that every day I will get just a little bit wiser. That’s a good thing! :) There are paths you go down and things you do that come into your life for a reason and a season. As you move through that season; you realize and begin to sense when you may be taking a new path at different points in your life. I am recently finding myself at that point. Not because I want to be – but because I currently have my life burning like a candle at both ends. It’s getting to be too much – my fire is going to go out due to sheer exhaustion.

I am at a point where I have taken a step back and I am evaluating what I want to do and where I want to be this time next year. You may have noticed that this last month I have been more quiet than I normally am here on the web. I haven’t deserted anything, I am just trying to figure some things out. I know this signals some changes for me and while that’s exciting it’s also a process that can seem painstakingly slow. I try to hang on to things that maybe I shouldn’t be hanging on to any longer. I love everything that I do. Many don’t realize everything I currently have on my plate. I don’t talk about my “day jobs” because to me – they are different. But I do them because I enjoy what I learn there.

Like Isaid, I love everything I do – but it’s just getting to be a little too much. I am in an evaluation period. I will decide and I will focus on what I enjoy – and that will be my focus. One thing may change, or several may change. That doesn’t mean I am fickle or undecided – that means I have outgrown something and I am ready for the next step in my life! Everything I choose to do – I do because I am interested in it. I love learning new things. I have had the luxury of trying some things – and then if they aren’t right, I can move on; and make a change, for whatever reason.

That’s the beauty of not locking yourself into any one box. I hope I never lose the excitement of learning something new. It’s a challenge and it’s fun most of the time. I love learning – and I am looking forward to the next year, whatever it may hold. So know that I will be back, with more focus and new determination.

If I can share anything about the process it would be this: Don’t fight making changes in your life – just go with it, you may discover it’s the best thing you ever did!

Your best YOU – may be just around the corner!

Embrace change!


About this time every year, my family and I get hooked on Watermelon.

It’s just the perfect food this time of year.  So, of course that gets me to thinking about what does it do that’s good for the body overall.  No, I am not a doctor, but I have a great interest in building my family’s and my health, so I study a LOT – it’s my hobby.  Just don’t give me a test – I hate testing.  :)  I thought it would be interesting to learn about some of the different foods we eat – and that I would blog about them – share some of the ways we eat them and in so doing – the information gets locked into my head as well.  So consider this the first of hopefully many more posts to come.

I would like to note that while all the different foods we eat offer some wonderful health benefits – there is no one food that is going to cure this or that issue.  The info I share is just what the different nutrients in the foods HELP our bodies with…again I am not a doctor and for any in-depth health advice you should ALWAYS seek out your doctor!  I’m just a mom interested in keeping myself and my family and friends as healthy as possible.  I won’t bore you with details on every little nutrient – but I will make you feel good about what you are eating!

Watermelon is best in the summer months, because it’s so fresh, cold and sweet – but it can be found year round. The quality, outside of the summer months is not nearly as wonderful.  It has a fresh, crispy, juicy taste – being that it’s 92% alkaline water (very good for your stomach). Believe it or not, a watermelon has half the sugar of an apple – but the water content allows it to taste as sweet and wonderful as it does.  Some have seeds, and some are considered seedless, however don’t be surprised if you find some smaller seeds in the seedless.  No worries though, they can be eaten right along with the melon and you rarely even notice them.  There is the traditional pink as well as orange, white and yellow watermelon.

I have read that pink is best for cancer fighting properties and the yellow/orange is great for the eyes.

Watermelon is really a health powerhouse of a fruit.

There are many health benefits associated with watermelon.

Watermelon is alkalizing, which is good for the body.  It is used to help fight inflammation, neutralize free radicals, oxidize cholesterol, it helps to improve insulin sensitivity, it even helps with erectile dysfunction (think natural Viagra).  It’s antibacterial (minimizes bad breath), antioxidant, and anticoagulant.  It can have a diuretic and laxative effect (helping with constipation), and it cleanses the kidneys and the bladder.  It’s like a natural energy drink due to all the B vitamins present.  It prevents heat stroke and exhaustion, alleviates symptoms of arthritis, helps treat heart disease, lessens airway spasms from asthma, fights cancers, including prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and colorectal. Watermelon helps prevent macular degeneration(yellow), and it relieves symptoms of gout.  The rind can even help with heat rash – cut up the rind, place it in the refrigerator and then place on the rash – it will help relieve the rash.

If you choose to use/eat the rind it’s really best to go organic to avoid the pesticides used.


Excellent Source of Vitamin C (protects the body and it’s an important for structural component in the body), Vitamin A (beta-carotene), potassium (electrolyte and helps the kidneys), silicon (helps with connective tissues, strengthens bones and more), glutathione (treats toxicity), and lycopene (pink – fights cancers), chlorophyll (detoxifies and cleanses), citruline (good for relaxing the blood vessels), calcium (bone health),magnesium (benefits are endless), potassium (regulates blood pressure), selenium (fights cancer, helps mood). Fats: Has some omega 6 fatty acids. Amino Acids: alanine, arginine (improves blood flow), aspartate, glutamate, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, threonine, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine.

1 cup of watermelon has just 49 calories

Selection Process:

The Watermelon should be smooth, not too shiny and not really light in color or dull.  A nice deep green with a sweet smell. It should feel heavy for its size and when you thump it you should hear a hollow sound.  One side, where it rests in the dirt should have a yellow or cream color – if it’s white or not present it won’t taste as good.  Watermelon is best fully ripe as that increases the antioxidant levels.


Wash the outside with a cloth.  Cut it into slices, chunk it up into pieces, use a melon baller – whatever you prefer.  Most prefer the sweet flesh but you can eat the white part – and the rind.  Eat the flesh, including some of the white and then you can pickle the rind so none of the fruit goes to waste.  The seeds are edible as well – some dehydrate or roast them with salt/seasonings and eat them as a snack – it’s said that the seeds contain something that helps strengthen the kidneys.  While most prefer to eat melon as is, there are some wonderful recipes to enhance your usage of this wonderful fruit.

Fresh Watermelon Lemon/Lime Cooler

1 fresh squeezed lemon or lime 1 cup watermelon – seedless – blended to puree 1/2 cup water or seltzer water if you like bubbly Liquid Stevia to taste – I do two drops Fresh mint leaf and ICE

Fill your glass with ice

Blend the above ingredients together and pour – add the mint leaf and crush it into your drink.

Get a straw and relax on your back porch!

Cold Melon Soup

Puree watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and kiwi together, pour in a bowl, top with sunflower seeds or chopped almonds and a sprig of mint.

Summer Mel-Onion Salad

1 melon – melon balled 1 red onion – very thinly sliced 1/4 cup cilantro leaves – shredded salt and black pepper to taste Mix together and serve.

Fruit Salad

Simply cut up any fruits you love, add some almond slivers or sunflower seeds – YUM!


Whole Melon cut up grated lime peel pinch of salt few drops of stevia to taste – I don’t like it real sweet!

Puree together and freeze.

I put it in ice-cube trays and buzz them in my blender for a few seconds when I am ready to eat some – ahhhh, refreshing!


July 4th – a day typically spent with family and friends in celebration of our country and the servicemen and women that protect us, our rights and our freedoms.

I love July 4th.

It’s the first holiday my husband and I really spent together when we were first dating.  It’s the day I knew I loved this man and wanted to be with him always.

Needless to say – this day is important to me still for that very reason. I was up early getting family picnic prepared that morning.  Despite the rain.

My phone rings – I didn’t recognize the number but I answered anyway because it was my business line. Now, keep in mind – at this point in my life, and with my current product line – my target market is women.  Every once in a blue moon I get a man who orders for his wife – but its very, very rare.  I answer the phone and it’s a man on the line.  He said his name – (I couldn’t understand him).  He also said he was calling me from Facebook.

He proceeds to ask me how I am – I say, “I am great – how are you?”

He says he’s good and there is a pause.

I say, “Is there something I can help you with?”

He then states (remember, it’s the weekend AND a holiday) “Well, I just thought I would call and talk, you know, say hello – you seem so nice on Facebook – what are you doing right now?”  I then said, “Well, it’s July 4th and I am with my family.” I really didn’t know what to say – I was so uncomfortable with this call!  I said nothing more.  It was definitely my turn to pause…and I did.  He then said, “Well, why don’t you call me back when you have time, you sound preoccupied.”

I quickly hung up the phone.

That situation spurred me to write this message. I have watched some other things going on with Facebook as well, and I feel the need to address some of them here on my blog.  I am not the Facebook police, but I am hoping it will make a difference for someone.

Proper Protocol (Etiquette) when Networking on Facebook

1.  Do not call people “just to talk” that you do not personally know.  Unless they have asked you to do so.

Especially members of the opposite sex that clearly state they are happily married with children.

2.  Do not open a chat with someone to hit them up with your business opportunity.  I have my business.  I love it – I am not interested in joining yours.

With that said – if we get to know each other through conversation ON FACEBOOK - I may want to know more about your business so we can truly network in the future.  That is why I have the friends I do – I want to network and learn from everyone.  I know that my opportunities are not right for everyone, but someone else’s might be perfect for them.  I happily refer my friends to others when appropriate.

3.  Do not send a mass email to your Facebook friends asking them to buy from you.  Facebook is about building relationships.  Share what you do – but in a non-offensive way.  You gain so much when you sincerely reach out to others without your business in mind.  As conversation progresses, go ahead and discuss it if you both mutually move towards that.

4.  When I get a friend request and I approve the friendship – I do NOT want you to post an ad on my profile page.  I friend most everyone – but I would expect you to be a friend first – and then share what you have to offer later.

5.  If I did not ask you for information about your business opportunity – I probably won’t respond to a message that pushes only that on me – social media is about relationships – and building them in the right way is always the BEST way.

6.  If you are the opposite sex – please act appropriately.  My profile shares that I am happily married, with children and that I have my own business.

You can safely assume from that  – I am not interested in anything other than networking with other like-minded business people and friends.

7.  There are all kinds of different beliefs in social media – religious, political, etc…I always try to allow others to share their beliefs and feelings on their profile – and I do NOT attack them.  It’s their profile and they have the right to be who they are on their profile.  There should not be attacks from someone with a different view.

8.  If someone posts something and ASKS for debate; that’s a whole different ballgame.  Both sides need to be heard without degrading the other person.  Believe it or not, that is possible.  If you know you have a temper – it’s probably best to stay out of the fire.  Name calling and belittling others is no way to act – I think we forget there is a person on the other side of that conversation.  Not just a computer.

9.  It’s really not a good idea to post recruiting or sales pitches on your profile as your status.  It looks desperate – if you have a special – great – post it on your Notes page.  Your status will share that you have posted a note – those that are interested will go and read the note. If you have a blog – post it on there and have your blog post to your status – that way a link is provided is someone wants to know more about your sale or offer.

10.  Finally – before doing business with others on Facebook.  Please remember that people do have the ability to label themselves as a professional or expert on this or that subject – when truly they are nothing of the kind.  Do your research – find out about the person you are considering doing business with before throwing your money at them.  Social Media has created many “Experts” and they just simply are not.

11.  Create a PAGE on Facebook that is about your business.  Friends can become Fans on your page.  When they do that – they are inviting you to share information about your business.  I recommend posting to your PAGE regularly. I am friendly on Facebook.  I am friendly in real life too.  :)

I love my friends on Facebook!  I do want to learn about you and what you do.  I really do want to know about you so we can effectively network.  I myself have made many business connections, reconnected with old friends, stay in touch with my family, and have made many new friends via Facebook.  It’s a fabulous tool when used properly. Don’t get me wrong – it’s ok to share about everything you do.  There is the Info page, there are Boxes, you can post Notes on there.  I have my Blog on there and it posts to my profile page as a new blog post – it also posts to my Notes page.

When interacting with people though – my focus is to share my day-to-day thoughts and ideas, fun things I come across, things I am thinking about and business information that gets shared in a natural way – rather than forcing it on others.  I share enough to create questions & interest about what I do.  My rule of thumb is to let people approach me about what I do – then I know they want to know about my business – it works great that way!  :)  It only becomes uncomfortable when someone uses it inappropriately. I am sure there are many other things I have left out here – this is just what came to mind over the last few days as I continued to think about that phone call I received on July 4th.

If you have some other tips – please share!

Living Vibrantly,


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