Welcome-A New Start with Young Living

New Start-Young Living Business


You guys!!!

I am so excited to welcome you to my fresh, new blog!

So many excited changes happening here. Two kids graduated from college, one more entering college. The hubs was transferred from Illinois to Georgia so we are about 8 days away from our big move and ya know, that wasn’t enough change for me, so I have started a new business! I know. Let’s just say, I like having a full plate.

Here’s the deal. I have been working full-time PLUS while living in Illinois. It didn’t leave me much time to pursue anything outside of work since I was the manager of the company, it was a 24/7 gig. Trust me when I say, that became a big YUCK after the first few years.

So, I am now presented with the opportunity to get back to my roots, and work my own business. This is my passion and I am so ready to never again “punch the time clock!” That left me with the task of finding the right company. I have looked into many things, and I even joined a few things, and for one reason or another – I just didn’t feel compelled to stay once I was on the “inside” and saw how things were run.

Honestly, I want a fun, feel good product that I love and I found it, actually it finally found me. I have looked in detail at several companies, and just kept getting disappointed! Such a waste of time, money and energy. What’s funny is, this entire time I was already a distributor with Young Living – for some reason, I just didn’t think of the business side of it, even though for the last – almost 4 years now – I have used these products every single day. I have now joined both hands with Young Living, and this is my future. My entire family uses their products on the daily. It finally just hit me that this needs to be my focus! I get to wake up every single day and change lives! Those of you that know me personally, know that I am driven, I don’t sleep a lot, and I like to work. I don’t like working for someone else though – I know that for sure, so I am excited to get back to my roots and I invite you to join me.

Join me in building your own oils lifestyle, or partner with me and build a part-time or full-time career! It can be one or both, I am here to help you get started.


Why Blog?

I think it’s good to write. It clears thoughts, and helps you keep things in your head. I will be sharing the products and the business on my approved business site at http://www.UpliftingEssentials.com, but I want to share additional things I learn here. I might share fun stuff, personal stuff, recipes I like, weight loss (my ongoing struggle, lol), stuff I use in my new house that I love…it’s a way to share without it invading your life – you can come by and read, when the mood strikes you!

I am so ready and excited to begin this next adventure – it’s like getting a brand new start!

Are you curious about oils? Let’s talk!

(It really doesn’t have to be quite as dramatic as mine, I just like to do things big, lol)



Author: Kiki Vogel

Hi, I'm Kiki! I am now Independent By Design, building a business I love! I am living my life, "Part Two" on MY terms, and want to help you design yours. I am done kissing corporate tail living my life based on their terms. Yes, I followed the "rules" until now. Now, I am building my dream life! If you are fed up, fired up, & want to change your life by making your dreams REAL, we need to talk! Join Me - Be Independent By Design!

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