Welcome – A Fresh Start with My Young Living Business!


You guys!!!

I am so excited to welcome you to my fresh start, and my new blog!

So many excited changes happening here. My daughter Kaitlyn, just married her soul mate, a wonderful man whom we love. We attended their wedding  in Arizona. and it was beautiful. We are so very happy for them both. Best wishes to your both for an amazing future life together!

Larry and I are still in Georgia, we are working on our second year here. Being totally transparent – we don't love it here. We feel a little misplaced, but I think a large part of that is because we lived in Illinois for 12 years – we had those roots firmly planted and never thought we would end up here at this point in our lives. It's harder getting to know new people when your kids are all grown.

Here's the deal. I had worked full-time PLUS while living in Illinois. It didn't leave me much time to pursue anything outside of work since I was the manager of the company, it was a 24/7 gig. Trust me when I say, that became a big YUCK after the first few years.

This move did get me OUT of that JOB – and for that I am so very thankful. It was sucking the life out of me. I took some time to just release the pent-up stress, but now I am ready to get back to work and make great things happen. I'm still working but it's part-time and I'm hoping it's not for very long! I have been with Young Living for at least four years and you guys, I honestly love this product and will NEVER be without it! I have tried many a products that I like or love, but if push comes to shove, I don't need to have it. Young Living is different. I haven't really, truly pursued the business side of it, and that's really because I just simply didn't think about it like a business. The products are just very much a part of all of our lives so it's a necessary membership in order to receive all the perks that Young Living offers it's members.  When I really sat down and starting considering my options, I realized that this is my passion and I am so ready to never again “punch the time clock!”

I have looked into many things, over the last few years and I even joined a few companies, and for one reason or another – I just didn't feel compelled to stay once I was on the “inside.” It's  been a frustrating thing trying to find something I believe in. All along, I was already there, and just didn't think about it.

Here on the blog, I will also share a few things here that I use for health, home and beauty reasons. I share them with you because they are good things to have in your life at whatever level you choose.  They are things I have found that I love, and I provide links to them. Some of them I may receive an affiliate fee from the company for sharing them. All that means is the company rewards me in a small way for using their products and recommending them. Those that use my links are helping to support my small business and what I am able to share here on my blog. I sincerely appreciate your support! You can trust that I won't share anything that I don't use myself!

When it comes to my main business focus, honestly, I want a fun, feel good product that I love and I found that a long time ago with Young Living. Actually, it finally found me. I have looked in detail at several companies, and just kept getting disappointed! Such a waste of time, money and energy. Now, I get to wake up every single day and change lives! Those of you that know me personally, know me as driven, I don't sleep a lot, and I like to work. I don't like working for someone else though – I know that for sure! Its exciting to get back to my roots with direct sales and I invite you to join me.

Partner with me , you can be a member or you can build a part-time or full-time career! One or both, I am here to help you get started and keep you informed and supported as you learn the ways oils can benefit your family in your day to day lives.

Why Blog?

I think it's good to write. It clears thoughts, and helps you think things through. I will be sharing the products and the business on my Facebook Page, and I want to share more things I learn here. I might share fun stuff, personal stuff, recipes I like, weight loss (my ongoing struggle), products I use in my new house that I love…it's a way to share without it invading your life – you can come by and read, when the mood strikes you!

I am so ready and excited to begin this next adventure – it's like getting a brand new but familiar start!

Are you curious about Young Living? Let's talk!