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Lifestyle – It's a constantly evolving choice to improve your life, isn't it?

I am always a work in progress. Consistently, I search for and learn new & better choices to create a lifestyle enabling me to life to its fullest. I tend to go through phases where I am content right where I am at in the moment. Other times, I push myself to create a new choice in my life, or I will consider a new thought process. I am constantly searching for new information, do you do that too?

The Order in My Lifestyle

My faith, my family, and my friends are always first in my life, and in that order. Followed closely by my business, which is part of who I am, not just a job I do. If you know me, you probably know my fur-baby Layla. She made the choice as a puppy to insert herself into EVERYTHING I do. Since my children are grown, having her has been a blessing. I still have someone here to talk to. 😍 My lifestyle demands I have someone to talk to as I work through my ideas, she is a great listener. 

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Eating  and Health

Discussing health situations are all part of what makes me who I am. When I find something good – I love to share it. Definitely not a doctor!  Simply passionate! I continuously work to find and make the best choices so I can be the best version of me! As for my diet, I have found that the keto lifestyle really is best for me personally. I also believe everyone is different and needs to research and find their best way to eat. Then incorporate it into your life.

The Best Lifestyle Choice I've Made. 

So Many Choices

I'm not ashamed to say I have tried many different things to create the lifestyle I am looking for. Diets, book ideas I've read, businesses I've tried, and on and on the list goes. MANY of those choices end up not being a good fit for my personal lifestyle. This is the only way to learn and know, isn't it?

I am coming up on the second half of my life – and I expect my lifestyle is only going to improve from here!

Author: Kiki Vogel

Hi, I'm Kiki! I'm a Young Living Independent Business Builder, building a team and business I love! I am living my life, "Part Two" on MY terms, and want to help you design yours. I am done kissing corporate tail, living my life based on their terms. Yes, I followed the "rules" until now. Now, I am building my dream life! If you are fed up, fired up, & want to change your life by making your dreams REAL, we need to talk! Join Me - Let's Have Some FUN!

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