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GeneYus - Focus & ConcentrationGeneYus is a lifesaver for this time of year. Summer is over, but it sure doesn't feel like it. I remember even as mom having a hard time making the schedule changes when it was still so summer-like outside.  Getting that focus we all need the first few weeks of school is definitely a challenge.

Create a Space:

Finding ways to help your child make the transition from “fun in the sun” to getting their focus and concentration back to their studies is hard. Make this a little easier by creating an easy plan for each day after school that they will also enjoy.

Create space in your home created just for study time can really be helpful. Your dining room can become a small classroom, or a spare bedroom if you have it. Even a small corner in your living room will work.  Make it special & bright – a whiteboard on the wall, a table so they can spread out their work, a cart for books and different tools such as pens, paper, markers, scissors.  As well, have a small table with a diffuser and some essential oils that will help them keep their focus. Having all this ready will help them remain focused during homework time. It will likely go a lot quicker too! Affiliate Link Disclosure

Some Suggested Items:

Additional School Supplies

A Scheduled Plan Helps:

When they arrive home, they drop their book bags at their seat in the room, and it's snacktime first. Make it something light and healthy so they don't go into a slump while they digest it. Use this time to sit and talk with them about their day, this makes it special for them.  What was good, what was difficult, how can you help them? Find out what homework they have, do they have papers in their bags that need attention from you? Before they arrived home, I would start diffusing a drop or two of GeneYus Essential Oil in the room. They will come to associate the scent with focusing on homework – so they can then relax or go outside and let off steam when they are done.

When they finish their snack, pull out the GeneYus Essential Oil from Young Living and roll a little dab behind their ears or on a wrist. Homework time should be a lot smoother, as GeneYus supports their ability to be sharp, focused & really concentrate on their studies. When they are finished – turn off the diffuser for the day, and let them have that needed relaxation and fun time that all kids need.

Bonus Tips:
  • A little dab behind the ear area as they leave for school will help while they are at school!
  • This oil works for mom and dad too!
GeneYus Ingredients:

GeneYus is a blend of essential oils. Sacred Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Cedarwood, Idaho Blue Spruce, Palo Santo, Melissa, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Sweet Almond Oil, Bergamot, Myrrh, Vetiver, Geranium, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Hyssop, Coriander, and Rose.

(This oil does contain nut and coconut/palm ingredients.)

Order GeneYus here.

How do you set your home up for success during the school year?

Have a wonderful school year!

Author: Kiki Vogel

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