Left-Handed Favorites for Office Organization

left-handed notebookSome of you that know me, know I am left-handed. I have adapted to almost all the right-handed things in this world, but one that is truly difficult is writing in a notebook with any kind of large binding – it's a huge problem when you are a left-handed person.

Many left-handed people have solved this issue by twisting their hand almost in an upside-down position to write, which I never found very comfortable. However, it's really the only way to get beyond a big binder and to prevent smearing ink everywhere.

I can't write like that, so I simply turn a notebook backwards (yes, that means starting from the last page of the notebook with the ring on the right) or I just hold my hand up high over the binding when I am writing close to the binding. I do this for all the pens that will smear for a  left-hander as well. This happens with almost ALL of them.

Ever tried those erasable ink pens? Definitely not a good choice for a lefty!

So all through school, I always had ink all over the side of my left hand. Which would get on my clothes. Heaven forbid I get a pen that was even a bit leaky – my paper was sure to be ruined, my hand would be covered  with ink and my shirt will likely be a mess as well. Being left-handed is tough!

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Perfect Left-Handed Notebooks

Several years back I finally found the perfect notebooks for me. They are  Moleskine Notebooks and I completely fell in love with them. My office always has a stash of them. They are 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 so a good size for the hand and they are a sewn binding. Don't get the thicker ones – you want the slim ones because they are absolutely perfect! They come in a three pack and they have different colors – red, black, brown and blue. I prefer the ruled notebooks, but if you are a bullet-journal fan or a sketch artist – they have the graph and blank sheets as well. The edge never gets in the way and the paper is smooth so writing in them feels wonderful – which as a lefty is new for me! Additional perks with this notebook? This notebook offers pockets in the front and back for additional carry space and the last few pages have perforations so if I need to tear out a sheet, I can.

Pens That Don't Smear

About 7 years ago, I FINALLY came across a pen that doesn't smear, has a nice thin tip and writes like a dream – this is yet another issue for the left-handed.  Pens are so messy! Not these – in fact, I have converted many of my former co-workers, family and friends over to these pens. they aren't just for the left-handed. They disappear from my desk CONSTANTLY!  The pens come in black, blue, red, green and purple. You have to get the V5 tip – the V7 isn't quite as nice but will do in a pinch.

Leather Notebook Cover

Finally, last year I came across the perfect leather notebook cover to make my note taking absolutely perfect! A leather cover made by hand for the Moleskine notebooks. I have my name engraved on it and it has pink thread. This notebook  is one of my favorite things! It goes with me everywhere. And because you know I am an oil lover – I clean it with a little touch of coconut oil with some Build Your Dream Essential Oil mixed in. It smells amazing. I've been known to use Lemon Essential Oil on it too. Then while I am writing it's diffusing my oils into the air around me.

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