Recalls-How to Stay Informed

Recalls-How to Stay Informed with Google AlertsRecalls – Why So Many and How Do I Keep Up?

It seems every day there are multiple new recalls on all kinds of products. Whether it's cars, food, airbags, soap – the list is endless. It almost makes me feel like I should buy products and wait a few weeks before I consume or use it just to be sure it won't kill me in some fashion. That just won't work for fresh foods though, so what can you do?

I have noticed more often than not, the recalls are for the “speedy foods” we have become inclined to purchase in order to save time. The pre-bagged, triple washed lettuce, subs or wraps from the deli at the grocer, pre-made salads like potato and macaroni. Maybe it's better we take just a little more time and purchase the head of lettuce and wash and prepare it ourselves. How much longer does it really take? A few more minutes in prep time is worth it to protect my health.

Stay Informed

Staying informed of any and all recalls will be the best way to avoid consuming something that isn't safe. So how can you do that without driving yourself crazy trying to search for all the different recalls?

If you have Google Email account follow the steps below.

Step One: Go to this link: Google Alerts

Step Two: Type in “Recall” Click “enter”

Step Three: It will give you different options such as region, sources, how often and a few more. My suggestion is to get one email a day, otherwise, your inbox could be FULL of Recall notices.

Step Four: Click on “Create Alert” and whenever Google gets something new on Recalls – it will be in your inbox that day.

In Closing

Google Alerts can be a great way to scan any information you on a daily basis. If nothing new is out on Google, you won't get an email. It's a way to stay on top of things that you need to know, but don't want to spend a lot of time searching out. Give it a try!

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What Alert Will You Set Up First?

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